Over the last couple of weeks I’ve experienced a new feeling, well it’s not new I’m just not used to having it in this circumstance. I felt bad for not updating my blog. I know it’s not like I have a legion of regular readers but still I sense the big wide web is missing it.

Nah not really, I miss it. With work becoming increasingly more frustrating I need an outlet to write about what I want to, in the style I want and with shitloads of swear words.

So, where am I going to start?

Come on you know me, it’s something that disgusts me and involves the sexist treatment  of women, by themselves but also by the dreaded Paddy McGuiness. Take Me Out.

If you are fortunate enough not to have seen the programme the basic premise is this: McGuinness will try to match a single man with one of 30 women from across the UK. The man enters the studio and announces just his name, age and where he is from. Each of the girls has a light in front of them, and if they decide the man is not for them, they switch it off. The women continue to rule themselves in or out as the suitor reveals more of his personality, before one is eventually chosen to go on a date. While this is going on McGuinness says as string of offensive and disgusting (ok sometimes amusing) phrases, examples being Let the winkle see the picker! or Let the pinky see the perky!

What’s interesting is that on face value it looks like it is the man who will actually suffer sexist treatment. And they do to an extent. Why should women be able to turn on and off a light just because they don’t like the look of someone and why should the men have to impress the women?

But it’s not that. What it is is an embarrassment to all women everywhere. These 30 women dress up to the nines and flutter there eyelids in an attempt to catch the eye of the one man who has his pick from 30, yes 30 women. These women are desperate. Or they might not be but they certainly act it.

Despite misgivings, I and others may have, the programme is popular, I’ve found myself watching it week after week to see if certain contestants ( JoJo and Lucy,ahem) ever get picked. But at the end of the day it’s just like school but on television for millions to see. The women are inevitably picked on their looks and the man who is the most attractive always has the most options left at the end regardless of his personality.

Why are these women doing it? Why are the men? Why do they not do 30 single men one week and then 30 single women the next, at least that way it would be equal humiliation for both sexes.

Unfortunately people will judge a book by it’s cover, but do we really need to see that on a Saturday night in, when we are inevitably hung-over and feeling crap enough as it is anyway?  I certainly no likey.